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How can you spot a scammer SEO agency in Dubai?

With the increasing popularity of SEO marketing techniques there are countless agencies and freelancers that are pulling cheap tricks and frauds to rip of your hard earn money. With the presence of many best SEO consultant in Dubai there are also scammers, they usually blend themselves half-baked results and fake feedbacks. Some of them are really expert in deceiving you’ll never be able to spot them until the end if you don’t have the basic knowledge about scams of SEO.

4 common claims of a scam SEO agency:

A fraudulent agency would promise you unrealistic results and fake claims like;

  1. Quick results:

Mostly scam SEO agencies claim there selves as one of the best in entire field, They would brag about their unreal results like claiming to make a website on top search results in just few days. They use your need to be successful as a bait and claim to provide results quickly that’s impossible, because search engines are work on a specific metrics and their goal is to provide absolute search results to audience, an authentic agency would need some time to research and demands of your business to come up with an effective SEO strategy, always remember, although SEO is a wonderful way to promote your business, but it’s also a time taking process.

  • Complete knowledge about algorithm:

Honestly stating no one really knows about the exactly how google search engine’s algorithm is working, as they’re changing and updating constantly it’s way too complicated to be understood . True SEO is based solely on experience, an agency with real experience would never claim to be completely aware about google search metrics. If someone is claiming to be known about it, they are no doubt nothing but scammers.

  • Use of old effective techniques:

In past when google algorithm were in the process of evolving and in its initial steps there were some techniques like keyword stuffing that were absolutely effective but not in present as the Google search engine is way to advance, a scammer agency would show the results of these techniques and promise to apply them on your website that’s a real big red flag. Some of them still have short term results but most of them are black listed by Google and by using them you can face penalty.

  • Vague or cheap prices:

Authentic SEO agencies have estimated prices for different SEO services according to their difficulty level. Fraud agencies will be confused about prices or will claim to be working on way too low prices. If any agency claimed to be working on these term it’s better to avoid them at all cost.

In conclusion;

There are always some frauds scams in every industry, you can’t completely negativity mark any field, but the thing you can do is beware of the scammers, learn the methods they use to deceive people and avoid them by following these tips. You can find many authentic SEO experts in Dubai, you can approach them by checking their feedbacks and popularity through different articles.

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